President Donald Trump has signed a landmark new bill to introduce legislation that will clean millions of tons of sea-borne garbage from the world’s oceans.

Trump extended and expanded the program to clean up man-made waste by boosting international cooperation on removing debris from the planet’s oceans, which he described as “very important.”

The president added his signature to the “Save Our Seas Act,” giving the green light an initiative that will clean up eight million tons of trash from the oceans around the world. As Trump signed the Save Our Seas Act into law at the Oval Office, he told the press he was “very pleased” to introduce such “important legislation.

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Floating garbage patches in the ocean are devastating to the environment

““As president, I will continue to do everything I can to stop other nations from making our oceans into their landfills,” he said.”That’s why I’m pleased – very pleased, I must say – to put my signature on this important legislation.”

According to Epoch Times, the act charges NOAA to collaborate with other U.S. government agencies to deal with land- and ocean-based sources of the trash, both domestic and foreign.“People don’t realize it, but all the time we’re being inundated by debris from other countries,” Trump said.

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President Trump described the bill as ‘very important’ as he put his signature to it

In attendance at the Oct. 11 signing ceremony were Sens. Dan Sullivan (R-Okla.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), the sponsor and co-sponsor of the bill, respectively, whose presence attested to the bipartisan nature of the bill.The House held a voice vote on it, which wasn’t recorded; the Senate passed it unanimously, Sullivan said.

For Trump, the issue is an economic one as well as an environmental one. “This waste, trash, and debris harms not only marine life, but also fishermen, coastal economies along America’s vast stretches,” Trump said.
The United States has to clean up the trash that floats into U.S. waters and onto U.S. beaches each year, which not only creates a burden on the government but hurts businesses along the coast.

In one national ocean cleanup, the Ocean Conservancy reported picking up 4,144,109 pounds of trash from over 8,500 miles of coastline. The nonprofit Ocean Conservancy called the legislation a “triumph of bipartisanship,” and praised it for addressing the “the ever-increasing global marine-debris problem.”

“As president, I will continue to do everything I can to stop other nations from making our oceans into their landfills.”

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