In Istanbul, you can now donate empty plastic bottles to recharge your subway card for free! This not only encourages people to sort their waste, but also encourages them to use public transport rather than their car.

This should drive down the number of empty bottles and cans laying around in the streets.

These recycling machines accept plastic bottles and cans that the traveler inserts into them to credit his IstanbulKart card.

instanbul transport recycle

They are located on 25 sites across the Istanbul transport network. A hundred of these machines are going to be installed before the end of the year.

istanbul turkey metro recycle

They are able to recognize waste because the amount of credit on the transport card varies according to their volume.

A bottle of 0.33 liter is worth 2 cents of Turkish lira, a bottle of 0.5 liter is equivalent to 3 cents and a large 1.5 liter is credited 6 cents. In exchange for a 0.5-liter aluminum can, the traveler receives 9 cents of credit on his transport card.


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