Hybrids is a short film fascinating by the quality of its realization and the subject it approaches with creativity: an ocean so polluted that the animals merged with waste.

hybrids short film ocean pollution

Oceans pollution has become a major issue for the animals. For your information, more than 634 000 kilos of waste are dumped every second in the oceans, or 20 billion tons of waste per year!

The short film we are going to present today is a true work of art. Directed by six students  of MoPA a french Computer Graphics Animation School as a graduation project, this superb short film called Hybrids depicts a world where Animals had to adapt to pollution in order to survive.

Hybrids: the amazing short film that plunges you into an ocean where pollution is queen 🐠

In about 5 minutes , Hybrids shows us different underwater species whose body seems to have merged with different waste thrown by humans. This short film is bluffing with realism, sublimated by a soundtrack which fits perfectly with the disturbing atmosphere that the subject approaches.


The critics are unanimous, Hybrids has been awarded at many festivals and has already won dozens of awards . It is qualified and eligible for the 2019 Academy Awards for the Best Animated Short . We let you discover below this masterpiece of animation that opens our eyes to the sad reality of seas and oceans in the grip of pollution.

Hybrids – Film from HYBRIDS on Vimeo.

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