This Thursday, October 18th, a dolphin was saved during an outing off the coast of Saint-Gilles.

The members of the companies Duocéan and Batopei regularly offer the public to observe the cetaceans under water, on the west coast of the French Reunion Island.

On Thursday, the routine whale and dolphin snorkel expedition turned into a rescue mission.

The crew noticed a dolphin swimming with difficulty near their boat. The animal was obviously in bad shape and having issue swimming due to being trapped in a fishing net.

Emmanuel Antongiorgi, the instructor with 10 years of experience, then went to the water to save the dolphin. With the help of a small knife, he released him.

The dolphin then continued on his way. The video of this rescue is to find below:

It is estimated that 640,000 tons (1.28 billion pounds) of fishing gear is left in the ocean each year. According to a report produced by FAO and UNEP, abandoned fishing nets, also referred to as “ghost nets,” could remain in the marine ecosystem for very long periods of time. They accidentally capture marine mammals, sea birds and fish in very large numbers, including whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and sea turtles, which can be severely harmed and may perish as a result of starvation and inability to surface for air.

discarded fishing gear
discarded fishing gear that was removed from the dolphin – Credit Duocean

Here is their Facebook with more photos.

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