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mother baby rhino separated by lions

Watch! Safari vehicles nearly driving over lions to save a young rhino

The scene happened in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania show a number of safari vehicles driving at lions targeting a small rhino, nearly...
ganges river dolphin

Ganges River Dolphins count rises to 33, up from 22 in 2015

Officials said the 33 Ganges River Dolphins found during the survey included three calves and claimed that it indicated that the slow -breeding dolphins...
Elephant bee hive

Beehives to save Elephants ?

A group of Kenyan farmers bordering the Tsavo National Park have come up with a novel way of wading off wildlife that often invade...

5 Years with no Rhino Poaching in Nepal !

Nepal has set an extraordinary example by achieving five years of Zero Poaching of rhinos between 2011 and 2018. When it comes to protecting iconic...
Prince William rhino United for Wildlife

Banks joining United For Wildlife to fight the illegal Wildlife Trade

Banks and Financial institutions have committed to tackling the multibillion-dollar illegal wildlife trade such as rhino horn and elephant tusks. The Duke of Cambridge, President...
Tiger Nepal

Nepal says its tiger population has almost doubled from 2009

The number of tigers roaming the jungles of Nepal has nearly doubled because of initiatives from the government, conservationists and local authorities who have...

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bullfighting corrida

Bullfighting – Spanish attendance continues to drop

Bullfighting or as it is known in Spain Corrida has lost nearly a million spectators over the last 8 years according to...
moonbear boxing

Earthivist Investigation – Boxing Moonbears and Abuse in Chinese Circus

Following the news on China lifting the ban on rhino horns and tiger parts and then the postponing of that lift, as a side...
tiger skin south africa

South Africa – 8 arrested for illegal possession of Lion Bones and Tiger Skin

Eight suspects aged between 22 and 60 yesterday for the alleged illegal possession of game products. An intelligence driven operation intercepted two vehicles driving in...