Other Concerns

stolen pet dogs

Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse Discovered by Woman Searching for her Lost Dog

On November 5th, Ms Peng a women in Chengdu, China was searching for her missing dog. which had gone missing for a week. What...
french hunter

The French overwhelmingly reject Hunting

One Voice and Ipsos launched a study on the perception of hunting in France. It confirms that the public overwhelmingly rejects hunting and plebiscite...
breton draft horse

Breton Draft Foals prices go crazy, because… Japan

The price of Breton Draft Foals is currently going crazy. The market is boosted by Japan where this meat is considered a delicacy. Faced...
iranian environmentalist detained

Iran Regime May Execute 8 Environmentalists

Iranian regime’s prosecutors have charged four conservationists with “sowing corruption on Earth”, a crime that carries the death sentence in the Islamic Republic. The...

Latest articles

moonbear boxing

Earthivist Investigation – Boxing Moonbears and Abuse in Chinese Circus

Following the news on China lifting the ban on rhino horns and tiger parts and then the postponing of that lift, as a side...
tiger skin south africa

South Africa – 8 arrested for illegal possession of Lion Bones and Tiger Skin

Eight suspects aged between 22 and 60 yesterday for the alleged illegal possession of game products. An intelligence driven operation intercepted two vehicles driving in...
smuggling songbird poaching

1000s of Songbirds being smuggled to Italy for luxury dishes

Slovenian customs officers have discovered an astonishing 1,349 dead songbirds on a bus heading for Italy, where they were to be eaten in restaurants. The illegally killed birds...