Outrage After Hippo Fed a Plastic Bag of Popcorn at Zoo in China


A man is being condemned on chinese social media after feeding a hippo with popcorn and ultimately the plastic bag that contained it. Have a look at the video below.

The incident occurred inside the Nanchang Zoo, in the Jiangsu province on Wednesday. Nanchang ZooA short video was posted on social media showing the man who came with his two children, having climbed the fence and starting to throw popcorn to a hippopotamus by handful.

He then decided to throw the entire plastic carton straight into the hippo’s mouth. Man fed popcorn bag to hippopotamus

To make matters worse, the man faces the camera with a grin after his “score”, while we can hear other visitors laugh on the video.man grin after feeding plastic to hippo

Chinese social media user ‘tu dou chao rou a’ on Weibo, believed to be at the scene, said the man threw popcorn, the popcorn’s paper container as well as a plastic bag used to carry the snack right into the hippo’s throat.  Calling the scene ‘heart-breaking’ and the man’s behaviour ‘abominable’.

The Nanchang Zoo reported the incident to the police but so far the man’s identity remains unknown and no arrest has been made.

The hippopotamus, one of three held at Nanchang Zoo, has been examined by their veterinarian and has so far not developed any health issue. Feeding animals is in general strictly forbidden in zoos, or at least supervised.

Many animals die yearly in China due to being fed the wrong food by visitors.

Plastic bags in particular can be extremely harmful to animals and lead to death as it cannot be digested and can get stuck in their guts.

Nanchang Zoo’s visitors incivility made international news back in 2016 when a man trying to impress women climbed into the Panda enclosure and was attacked by animal.

The same zoo was again in the news in 2015 when an employee was caught on camera abusing a tiger cub.

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