Following the news on China lifting the ban on rhino horns and tiger parts and then the postponing of that lift, as a side trip to our investigation into fur farms we decided to go have a look at China’s second largest Tiger Farm.

Harbin Siberian Tigers Park is home to over 800 Tigers, on the side for an extra 50yuans (7$) you can watch a circus performance. The performance is supposed to last for 1h30, however it only lasted for about 45minutes with approximately 20people in attendance.

We had no idea what to expect, other than it being an animal circus and knowing how the performers are taught how to do the tricks. The advertisement for the the show was this, Harbin Siberian Tiger Park Circus

A boxing kangaroo, a chimpanzee, a white tiger and a brown doing hula hoops, there was none of that. We are not sure why, we tried to look if they had any of these animals hidden away in cages after the show but couldn’t find any. We can only assume that the winter show is much shorter and with less diversity than the summer show when there are more tourists.

Instead, this is what we witnessed, this first video is about the two moonbears they forced to perform. Other acts were from Dogs, a Goat/Monkey duo and as expected Tigers. All of them were very clearly scared of getting beaten up or, were abused during the show.

We will be posting additional video and information about this place shortly.

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