Eight suspects aged between 22 and 60 yesterday for the alleged illegal possession of game products.

lion bones

An intelligence driven operation intercepted two vehicles driving in a convoy headed to an unused farm in Mareetsane, South Africa. The search of both vehicles resulted in the discovery of lion bones, lion meat, a tiger skin, gas cylinders, gas burners , containers, a saw, knives and other equipment which is believed to have been used to process the lion bones.

The suspects took the team to another farm approximately 30km from Klerksdorp where the lions were allegedly slaughtered. At the farm, a lion skin was found dumped in the bush and large machines which are believed to have been the instruments for cutting the bones were also found in the garage.

tiger skin south africa

The eight suspects are expected to make their first court appearance on Nov 27th at the Klerksdorp magistrate’s court to face a charges of Illegal possession of game products and without a permit, carrying out restricted activities involving a specimen of a listed, threatened or protected species.

Where the animals came from remains so far unknown.

Lion bones is increasingly used as a replacement to Tiger bones in Chinese Traditional Medicine.

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