One Voice and Ipsos launched a study on the perception of hunting in France. It confirms that the public overwhelmingly rejects hunting and plebiscite a radical reform.

Among the elements uncovered, only 19% of French people are in favor of hunting, they find this practice dangerous for them (84%), cruel for animals, and certainly part of the French heritage, but of another age.

Insecurity for humans and their pets

Noticeable evolution compared to past surveys, the French are afraid of getting shot in the countryside, they fear for their companions, their family and for themselves.
Since the resumption of the hunt this season, a protected pink flamingo has been found riddled with bullets, a mass grave of wild ducks has been found in a wood, a girl has been seriously injured, a family has been targeted and a british cyclist killed. It is therefore not surprising that 82% of them call for a ban on hunting and trapping not only on Sunday, but a second day a week, and all school holidays.

France hunting accident
Number of reported hunting accidents in France

Another demand supported by the French to reduce the insecurity due to the hunt, 93% are favorable to a compulsory annual medical visit for the holders of permits of hunting with control of the sight. Three-quarters of the population finds that lowering the price of a hunting license is a bad thing.

Cruelty to wild animals

They reject venery in all its forms. The number of French people opposed to hunting with hounds is increasing (79% in 2010, 82% in 2018). 73% did not imagine that underground hunting, which consists of hunting animal with dogs in their burrows, still existed. 83% are for the ban of this practice.

The trapping of birds by glue, with nets, and other traps (not distinguishing between species) is also rejected by more than 84% of the population.

bird glue trap
A bird stuck in a glu trap, in Cyprus, on 15 avril 2014 (AFP PHOTO – CAB WWW.KOMITTE.DE)

They are mostly in favor of the ban on the release of farmed game (65%), which is in contradiction with the image hunter display of their role in animal population regulation and their slogan “Hunters, first ecologists of France”.

Protection of species and nature

The overwhelming majority of French people believe, unfortunately incorrectly, that wild animals are at least protected in national parks, nature reserves or biological reserves, as well as species in poor condition (89% and 77% respectively). They also think that it is forbidden to hunt during breeding season (91%).
They also want these three circumstances to protect animals from hunting (88%, 83% and 89% respectively).

82% of the country believes that hunting poses a threat to the environment, especially because of the lead released into the wild.

France is the country counting the highest number of hunters in Europe with about 1,3 million of adept, however on a clear downward trend.

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