On November 5th, Ms Peng a women in Chengdu, China was searching for her missing dog. which had gone missing for a week. What she uncovered is truly horrible.

Ms. Peng said that her own dog had gone missing since October 30, after which she was looking all around Chengdu where she lives. On the morning of the 4th, she was told that there was a dog slaughterhouse in the neighbouring Kuixing Village. She immediately rushed to see it. At the scene, the workers told her that the dogs slaughtered there came from dog meat farms and that there was no pet dogs.

dog hair, illegal dog slaughter house
Dog hair was piled up on the ground of the slaughterhouse

After negotiating with the workers, Ms. Peng entered the area. “I saw my dog when I entered the door. It also recognized me and asked me to save it.” Ms. Peng said that the dog put his two front legs on her shoulder. She did not dare to tell the workers that this was the one she was looking for. She only said that she wanted to buy it.

After leaving the feeding area, Ms. Peng immediately called her husband and negotiated to buy the dog back. A few minutes later, when she returned to the feeding area, she found out that it had been slaughtered while the worker were busy slaughtering another golden retriever. “Unfortunately I couldn’t save Jin Mao.” Ms. Peng said that the cages in the feeding area are also covered with various expensive dogs such as Husky, Golden Retriever, Labrador and others. She knew those were all domestic stolen pets and not farmed dogs.

Ms. Peng informed local dog rescue volunteers and called the police. The police and other departments rushed to the scene and found that there was no approval and permit for the slaughtering site.

171 Dogs Rescued

stolen pet dogs
There are obviously stolen pets in the dogs being detained.

Even though she hasn’t been able to save her beloved pet. Her relentless search permitted to shut down the illegal slaughter house. The five employees have been arrested by the police. According to preliminary investigation, the place had been operating for more than a year.

While there were around 500 slaughtered dogs in the frozen warehouse, more than 100 live dogs were rescued and sent to Chengdu dog shelters in the early morning of the 5th.
A staff member at Sichuan Qiming Small Animal Protection Center, said that these dogs have been quarantined, and are being evaluated and treated by veterinarians. “There are 171, mostly pet dogs.”


China often gets called out for eating dogs, and founding members of Earthivist have been to the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival, but we would like to remind people that not everybody in China eats dogs. It is actually a very small minority and there is a growing number of animal rescue organisations in the country. And of course, there are people like Ms Peng, that did everything she could, searching relentlessly for her missing fur friend.

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