Egyptian MP wants to export Stray Dogs to South Korea for their Meat

egyptian stray dog

Egyptian MP Margaret Azar, member of the parliament’s Human Rights Committee, suggested in a recent interview that Egypt should start fighting the phenomenon of stray dogs in the country by exporting them to countries which don’t outlaw eating dog meat. “Like South Korea,” she added.

MP Margaret Azar
MP Margaret Azar/ Sada El-Balad

This would take place with the co-operation of Veterinary Medicine Authority and animal welfare associations to gather stray dogs and taking them to place in the desert. There they’ll be nurtured and fed for at least a week before being exported.

“After being properly nurtured, a dog could be exported for like 5 [Egyptian] pounds each,” Azar said to Youm7. “In such countries, they’ll be as valuable as sheep here.” At current rate 5 Egyptian pounds is equal to 0.28$.

Ezer pointed out that stray dogs in Egypt cause a lot of damage and sometimes attacking pedestrians on the streets. Explaining that the spread of this phenomenon requires an optimal way to deal with them.
The deputy rejected the proposals of some deputies to kill dogs with bullets and poison, pointing out that it is against animal welfare, and it leads to extinction.

MP Mahmoud Shaaban, member of the Committee on Agriculture Parliament, called for a solution to the stray dogs problem.
He pointed out that the proposal of MP Margaret Azar to export stray dogs to Korea would be a good solution, especially considering that it would bring a financial return.

On the other side, Abdo Jo, one of the founders of CART (Cairo Animal Rescue Team), stated his disgust with such a suggestion in a Facebook Post as well as clarifying the fact that not only are the dogs eaten in Korea, but they are also tortured before being cooked for “a more tender meat”.

The Egyptian Stray Dogs Situation

It is estimated that there is 15 million stray dogs in Egypt.

stray dog egypt shot by police
A picture taken minutes before this stray dog was shot dead by a police officer.

In the past there have been several attempts to lower the amount of stray dogs.

In 2007 and early 2013, a mass shooting of stray dogs took place in Egypt. With hundreds of animals dead and their blood left to rot on the streets, the Egyptian government decided to look for other alternatives. Consequently, the government as well as large groups of the Egyptian society has found a ”cleaner” way to eliminate those stray animals by using poison instead. Causing suffering and incredibly painful deaths to innocent animals, including cats and dogs kept as pets.

In 2017 rewards were offered to citizens catching stray dogs and delivering them to the Egyptian Veterinary Authority to get them spayed and neutered.

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