Bullfighting or as it is known in Spain Corrida has lost nearly a million spectators over the last 8 years according to the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

There has been a sharp drop in the number of Spaniards supporting the blood sport – Getty

According to this “annual statistical yearbook”, 4.55 million aficionados assisted to a bullfight between 2007 and 2008. Yet in the 2014-2015 season saw a drop in attendance of about 20% with only 3.63 million.

 ” It’s not a surprise, but it’s great news,” said Irene Sacido, Spokesman of the Spanish Animal Party (PACMA)There is a strong lack of interest in bullfighting in Spain which is being confirmed. And that will continue. “

According to Wikipedia as of 1 January 2018, Spain had a total population of slightly more than 46,6 million. If we do some math, if the people who went to see a bullfight in 2014-2015 went to only 1 show ( and it clearly is not the case), then only 7.7% of the population is actually interested in the corrida. The real number, is likely to be under 3% with the aficionados going to multiple events a year.

People care – bullfighting is on the way out

Protests against bullfighting are frequent in Spain – Getty Image

The truth is, there is in reality a lot more people who care about bullfighting than those going to assist to the corrida. The animal rights activists and those who simply think this “tradition” is cruel and outdated far outnumber them. Polling on the subject is infrequent, with most surveys that are undertaken bearing out a 2010 Metroscopia poll for El Pais newspaper in which 60% said they did not like bullfighting, but only 42% would impose a ban.

The total number of contests between men and bulls fell dramatically from 3,651 in 2007 to 1,553 in 2017, a drop of 58% in a decade!
The majority of events still being held are due to public subsidies which are gradually drying up, as it is simply too expensive and not a good political move when the majority are against bullfighting.

We have no doubt that the trend will continue and that this tradition will ultimately be banned. Several

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